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Air Freight

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From the wide range of Cargo Move forwarding services, you can choose to transport goods by air. The organization and implementation of cargo transport by air freight enable long-distance and efficient trade, which will take into account the needs of the client and the safety of the goods themselves. Cargo Move is an expert in the field of air transport, so you can be sure that your shipment will reach its destination on time under the most favorable conditions and at a competitive price.

Thanks to extensive experience, the logistics operator Cargo Move offers complex service and consulting in this way of transport.

See what air freight is characterized by, why it is worth choosing this type of transport and what we can offer you as part of cooperation.

Air transport – basic information

Currently, aviation is the fastest growing branch of freight transport, which may be evidenced by an increase of over 21% per year in Polish air transport of goods. Air transport is characterized by an almost unlimited range and express delivery time. Considered the safest and most reliable way of transport, it has also gained the reputation of being the most expensive and most exclusive part of shipping. Bearing in mind the need to support highly specialized staff, extremely short delivery times and far-reaching distance – the price of this type of transport is not inadequate.

The load capacity of the largest air transporters is close to 250 tons of goods, but this limit is constantly being pushed by new machines.

Air Freight – For who?

If you are looking for fast, efficient transport of goods over long distances – it is worth considering transport by air. Especially if you value a high level of shipment security – aviation provides the lowest level of failure rate, so you can be sure that the cargo will arrive in conditions with the highest standard of comfort and safety. Importantly, it is worth remembering that air transport is highly sensitive to weather conditions, so despite the relatively short journey time, there may be delays in deliveries.

  • cargo safety is a priority
  • goods transport time plays a key role
  • the load does not exceed 250 tons
  • transport takes place over long distances
  • price is not a key criterion

Air transport – what is it characterized by?

Air transport is even 10 times safer form of transporting goods than road or rail freight. In addition, it performs excellently over long distances while offering impressive delivery times. Unfortunately, the disadvantages of this type of transport include the possibility of delays, which is the result of low resistance to weather conditions. Usually, by air, goods are transported in air containers (capacity up to approx. 6 tons) or on air pallets.

It is worth remembering that in the case of air freight, we are talking about airport-to-airport deliveries, which means that in most cases other forms of cargo transport should also be taken into account – to the destination.

  • Efficient
  • Very safe
  • The fastest
  • Container or pallet
  • Long-range – with a global reach
  • Conditioned by aviation infrastructure
  • Requires the involvement of highly specialized specialists
  • High risk of delays – low resistance to weather conditions
  • Expensive
  • With great restrictions on the size and weight of the load

Air Freight – How can we help?

The Cargo Move offer includes a complex range of services within the air cargo transportation:

  • we provide cargo handling at airports,
  • we handle containers and goods,
  • we offer support in the field of cargo certification,
  • we deal with packing and stowage of cargo and securing it against travel,
  • we offer CARGO cargo insurance.

We also provide our partners with substantive support by providing a complete set of information on trade rules conventional in international trade, documentation, or documentary credit handling.

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