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Considering the possibilities of transport even from the farthest corners of the world, one should remember about the principles of the free movement of goods. In the Cargo Move offer you will find a full range of customs services that will let your shipment cross borders and smoothly arrive at the destination.

Perfect knowledge of the specification of the market, legal standards and many years of experience of our specialists guarantee the preparation of the required documentation and efficient execution of all procedures related to customs clearance.

Customs services – basic information

In the case of both import and export of goods, the key issue is crossing the borders of individual countries. Inadequate preparation for this process can make it complicated, problematic, crisis-generating and time-consuming. In order to avoid unnecessary stress, it is necessary to know the rules and regulations about movement of goods.

Customs clearance is primarily control activities through which the customs authorities verify the compliance of the imported / exported cargo with the presented commercial documents and applicable legal standards. The inspection includes a partial or complete inspection of the goods, duty calculations and other required fees.

It is also worth remembering that there is a possibility of using simplified customs clearance, which consists in obtaining the consent of the office to complete the required documents at the company’s headquarters and deferring the duty fee.

Customs clearance – who does it apply to?

An entrepreneur who imports or exports goods to countries outside the European Union is obliged to clear the goods through customs.

This means that if you are the owner of the company, you plan to transport and put into market goods from outside the European Union, it is your responsibility to complete the formalities related to the declaration and transport of the cargo in accordance with applicable legal acts. Cargo Move as an expert in the shipping industry can help you complete customs procedures efficiently. Many years of experience, a range of perfect services and qualified specialists are the strengths of Cargo Move, which will ensure that customs clearance is carried out quickly and without problems.

Customs clearance – what is it characterized by?

Customs clearance does not have to be bad – all you need is well-prepared documents. Depending on the type of imported or exported goods, customs clearance takes one of three forms:

  • final – the goods cannot be returned beyond the border that has already been exceeded
  • conditional – the goods are returned after some time or must be returned
  • deferred – the Customs Office does not have the appropriate equipment or technique to enable the inspection. This is handed over to another Customs Office.

It should be taken into account that there are different laws for both export and import. Imported goods are subject to a longer and more precise control, during which the duty is calculated and, waiting for confirmation from the recipient takes place. The standard clearance workflow for import consists of several steps:

  • Electronic customs declaration
  • Verification of compliance of the declaration by the Customs Office with the documentation and randomly checked goods
  • Checking certificates, permits and other documents
  • Issuing a tax assessment notice
  • Release of goods for free circulation within the European Union.

As for the export of products, the inspection is slightly faster – it lasts from 0.5 to 2 hours, and after its completion, the Customs Office issues an appropriate decision allowing the declared cargo to be exceeded. The clearance process for exports is simplified:

  • Electronic customs declaration
  • Verification of compliance of the declaration by the Customs Office with the documentation and randomly checked goods
  • Release of goods
  • After leaving the EU borders, the goods are released and an exit note is generated for VAT purposes


In the field of customs services, transit is an important procedure used in the transport of goods between the European Union countries and non-members.

Transport of goods under this procedure may take place under customs supervision, under which the goods are not subject to verification at each of the borders crossed. Cargo transportation within EU countries is suspended with customs and tax duties until the final clearance.

Customs clearance – how can we help?

We offer:

  • support in the preparation of documents;
  • clearance in all customs procedures;
  • representing clients before the Customs Office;
  • customs advice, applications, appeals relating to customs matters;
  • verification of customs documents before implementation;
  • securing customs and tax duties based on own customs security;

As a logistics operator with many years of experience and a rich network of contacts in Poland, the European Union and beyond – on all continents we help in the correct preparation of documents and organize border controls while maintaining all customs procedures necessary for the export and import of goods.

If you are looking for support in the field of customs services – contact us!


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