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Rail Freight

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Bet on the transport of goods by rail with Cargo Move. The logistics operator’s offer includes services in the field of rail freight – domestic, international and intercontinental cargo transport creates favorable conditions for long-distance trade, taking into account all challenges and individual needs of the customer.

Cargo Move specializes in rail freight. Perfect knowledge of the market and an extensive network of contacts between railway carriers guarantee the safety and convenience of the transport service.

Find out more about rail transport, its possibilities and its challenges. Check in which situations it will work best and what services we can offer you.

Rail transport – basic information

One of the most interesting and oldest branches of land transport is rail, which includes infrastructure: railway lines, railway terminals and technical facilities. In Poland, in 2019, over 233 million tons of cargo were transported by rail, which indicates that it is one of the most popular ways of transport used in our region. Thanks to the high capacity of the wagons, rail freight is perfect for large-capacity and heavy-weight shipments, which translates into a low cost of transport. Moreover, rail transport is a particularly high-range form of transport, thanks to the extensive railway network all over the world.

Railway freight – for who?

If you are looking for a way to transport cargo over a long distance, and your priority is the safety of the shipment, then rail transport is worth considering. High economy, high level of cargo safety and range – are among the strengths of this form of goods transport. As part of transport by rail, cargo is transported in containers or in wagons – including general cargo.

It is worth remembering that due to the railway infrastructure, it will be necessary to deliver the cargo to the railway terminal and transport it to the destination by another form of transport – Cargo Move recommends: road transport.

  • you care about the safety of the cargo
  • you want to transport large-volume or heavy goods
  • transport takes place over long distances
  • transport time is not crucial (high risk of delays)

Rail transport – what is it characterized by?

Although it is the oldest form of goods transport, it is worth emphasizing the excellent condition of rail transport. The confirmation of the usefulness, efficiency and demand for rail transport is, among others creation of the New Silk Road. The locomotives pull platform and specialized wagons, coal wagons, or containers filled with goods of various specification, weight, volume or needs. Due to the high efficiency of this mode of transport – it works perfectly on long routes – especially to the Eastern Poland, because of extensive railway infrastructure.

It is worth bearing in mind that the range and possibilities of rail transport are determined by the track network – which means that it does not provide direct – door to door delivery. It is also necessary to consider other forms of transport – usually truck transport. Certainly, particularly important issues are the high resistance of the railways to weather conditions and cargo safety, as well as the relatively low negative impact on the natural environment.

  • Economical
  • Efficient
  • Low environmental impact
  • Safe
  • Fast
  • Container
  • Efficient
  • Capacious
  • Long-range (also: intercontinental)
  • Resistant to weather conditions
  • Conditioned by railway infrastructure
  • Requires the involvement of other ways of transport
  • The risk of delays – low fault tolerance

Rail Freight – How Can We Help?

The Cargo Move offer includes a complex range of services for the transport of goods by rail:

  • we provide cargo handling in terminals,
  • we handle containers and goods,
  • we offer support in the field of cargo certification,
  • we deal with packing and stowage of cargo and securing it against travel,
  • we offer CARGO cargo insurance.

We also provide our partners with substantive support by providing a complete set of information on trade rules conventional in international trade, documentation, or documentary credit handling.

If you are looking for rail transport services – contact us!


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