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Contract Logistics

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Cargo Move offers contract logistics services, which include outsourcing of warehouse space, unloading and picking. Thanks to the fact that we have logistics facilities, we successfully combine the process of supply chain management with logistics in the traditional sense.

Discover the benefits of contract logistics with Cargo Move. Find out what we can offer for your business and what are the benefits of outsourcing this service.

Contract logistics – what is it?

Managing warehouse inventory is a big challenge for many companies – it requires not only having the right space and equipment, but also knowledge of how to effectively organize warehouse operations. The scope of activities covered by contract logistics concerns a whole range of processes on the warehouse space – from the moment of accepting the goods, through proper storage, to completing the order and preparing it for further distribution, and even returns and complaints about the goods. When deciding on a contract logistics service, the entrepreneur orders the outsourcing of complex product service in the warehouse space, thanks to which he can focus on strategic business decisions.

Contract logistics – for who?

The decision to outsource warehouse processes is often the result of limited inventory management resources. The growing number of orders, the desire to shift your own resources to other areas of activity or a limited budget – in the case of these challenges, outsourcing services will be an excellent solution.

It is an interesting solution for online stores, which, due to outsourcing of inventory management and integrated WMS systems, have full control over the flow of goods and inventory, and at the same time do not deal with repetitive activities such as picking or packing orders.

  • limited inventory management budget
  • business scaling
  • lack of own warehouse
  • lack of resources to manage warehouse inventory within the company
  • willingness to have full control over inventory thanks to WMS IT systems.

Contract logistics – what is it characterized by?

The great popularity of this service is the result of a number of advantages that contract logistics gives entrepreneurs, both those whose business is already well-developed and smaller companies that want to scale and gain a competitive advantage.

Thanks to these services, the brand does not have to worry about organizing warehouse inventories, their storage, picking or packaging. A logistics operator can take over not only these processes, but also the organization of invoices or shipping documents.

Contract logistics – how can we help?

We offer:

  • order processing
  • accepting product deliveries
  • storage of goods
  • order picking
  • packaging and preparation for further distribution
  • preparation of shipping documentation
  • organization of parcel transport
  • handling of returns and complaints
  • monitoring of warehouse stocks.

Cargo Move, due to its experience and proven partners in Poland and abroad, offers a number of services and solutions fitting the needs of entrepreneurs looking for support in the field of warehouse inventory management.

If you are looking for contract logistics services – contact us!


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