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Road Freight

Cargo Move is a specialist in the field of broadly understood road freight. Thanks to cooperation with verified carriers and many years of experience, we offer a service suited to the needs of even the most demanding customers. The Cargo Move offer includes a full range of services related to the organization and implementation of road transport in Europe and abroad.

Find out how road transport works and when to choose it. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using road freight and see what range of services we can offer.

Road transport – what is it?

In 2019, 1,921,073,000 tonnes of cargo were transported by road in Poland, placing Polish carriers in the role of the European leader. Road transport is distinguished by high flexibility, it enables the cargo to be delivered precisely to its destination throughout the continent, usually basing on relatively short distances.

International or national road transport is usually carried out by lorries. This type of transport includes dedicated, groupage, and top-up transport – depending on the specification and needs of the cargo. Moreover, road transport can also be part of a complex logistic process that uses many types of transportation, then the following can be distinguished:

  • combined transport,
  • bimodal transport,
  • multimodal transport,
  • intermodal transport.

Most often, road transport is the last element in the entire supply chain.

Road freight – for who?

The choice of road transport is often the result of the need to efficiently transport goods to a place with infrastructure the does not suit other types of transport. Therefore, it is an appropriate choice if you want to deliver your cargo directly to its destination using one kind of transport (door to door delivery). Importantly, road transport is easily accessible and allows you transport almost all products – with particular emphasis on even the specific requirements of the load.

Road transport is particularly effective for the transport of general cargo over a distance of several thousand kilometers.

  • containers,
  • oversized cargo,
  • heavy products,
  • sensitive goods, incl. alcohol, drugs, tobacco products,
  • products with a short expiry date or requiring appropriate conditions – e.g. food,
  • dangerous goods.

Road transport – what is it characterized by?

The great popularity of road freight is the result of a number of advantages that are difficult to replace with other kinds of transport. Truck freight is the only form of transport that provides door-to-door delivery. Undoubtedly, it can be considered the most flexible way of transporting goods.

Although road freight is less resistant to weather conditions than sea transport, there is a high risk of delays or accidents, which may damage the cargo.

  • high flexibility,
  • large variety of loads,
  • delivery directly to the destination,
  • short transport time,
  • constantly and dynamically developing,
  • high availability,
  • relatively low transport costs.
  • in the case of longer distances – long transport times,
  • possible delays in delivery,
  • high energy consumption,
  • high environmental pollution,
  • frequent necessity to use also other kinds of transport
  • low efficiency of bulk cargo
  • high risk of thef or damage to cargo

Road Freight – How can we help?

Cargo Move, due to its excellent knowledge of the market and the specifics of goods transport, as well as a rich network of contacts in Poland, Europe and other continents, offers a number of services and solutions based on complex road transport.

If you are looking for road transport service – contact us!

We offer:

  • efficient logistics and forwarding services
  • selection of the optimal transport route
  • selection of the best carrier
  • support in customs clearance
  • cargo insurance


We ensure complete safety during transport.


Our realizations are characterized by high quality and very fast shipping.


We approach the needs of our clients professionally and we care about good communication.