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Sea Freight

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The logistics operator Cargo Move offers a full range of services aimed at transporting goods by sea. The organization and implementation of cargo transport in Europe and beyond, creates the possibility of far-reaching trade, taking into account the individual needs of the client and commodity challenges. Cargo Move is an expert in ocean freight.

Thanks to many years of experience, it offers a perfect service, through an extensive network of trusted maritime agents.

Check what sea transport is, why it is worth choosing this way of cargo transport, what are the strengths and weaknesses of sea freight and what we can offer in this field.

Sea transport – basic information

Sea freight is one of the most popular ways of transporting goods used in international trade. The cargo turnover in Polish seaports amounted almost 94 million tons last year, which is an increase of 2.3% compared to the previous period. The trend of sea transport will continue in the upcoming years, as indicated by UNCTAD forecasts.

Thanks to the high load capacity of ships, sea freight is primarily suitable for the transport of a large capacity of cargo, which translates into relatively low transport costs compared to rail transport or air transport. Within ocean transport, we can consider full container load (FCL) and less than container loads (LCL).

Sea freight – for who?

If you want to transport a large amount of goods from a long distance, and the travel time is not a priority – it is worth considering transport by sea. The popularity of this form of transport is the highest mainly due to the attractive level of cost-effectiveness of the service. As part of sea transport, goods are transported in containers, refrigerated containers or holds – in the case of unpackaged products or in tankers – adapted to the transport of liquid substances.

It is worth knowing that when choosing this type of transport, it will also be necessary to include the transport of the cargo from the port to the destination.

  • groupage goods
  • container goods
  • non-full container goods
  • loose goods without packaging
  • liquid goods without packaging
  • oversized goods
  • goods resistant to long travel times
  • goods with a long shelf life
  • international / intercontinental transport
  • long distances
  • high capacity/size goods
  • low priority of transport time
  • the need to optimize the cost of transport

Sea transport – what is it characterized by?

The transport of goods by sea is carried out by cargo ships or tankers. The loads are placed in containers, which makes it possible to transport large shipments, while optimizing the cost of the transport itself by saving fuel and the cost of storing goods. The adopted model of transport (containerization) improved the possibility of locating shipments and eliminated the need for reloading, which directly translates into shortening the time of shipment reaching its destination.

Speaking of transport time, it is worth bearing in mind that sea freight is the most time-consuming form of travel. Weather conditions have a huge impact on it, so it will not work for loads which the time of arrival is a priority. Ocean shipping is the cheapest option available. It is worth paying attention to the high environmental performance of this type of transport – this means that it is the most beneficial form for the environment, but it requires the involvement of other means of transport – due to the limitation of infrastructure (location of ports and sea routes).

  • Economical
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe
  • Container
  • Efficient
  • Capacious
  • Long-range (also: intercontinental)
  • Time consuming
  • Depends on weather conditions
  • Depends on the location of seaports
  • Requires the involvement of other means of transport
  • High risk of damage to the goods – it is recommended to insure the cargo

Sea Freight – How can we help?

The Cargo Move offer includes a complex range of services for the transport of goods by sea:

  • we provide cargo handling in the port,
  • we handle containers and goods,
  • we offer support in the field of cargo certification,
  • we deal with packing and storage of cargo and securing it before shipping,
  • we offer CARGO cargo insurance,
  • we provide customs services in European ports – Hamburg and Bremerhaven (Germany), Rotterrdam (Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium) and Koper (Slovenia), as well as in all ports in Poland – ie. Gdynia, Gdańsk and Szczecin.

We also provide our partners with substantive support by providing a complete set of information on INCOTERMS trade rules, documentation applicable in international trade or documentary letter of credit service.

If you are looking for services in the field of sea transport – contact us!


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